Friday, January 23, 2009

Thursday, January 22, 2009

She Looks up to Her "Big" Brother

The other night while the kids were brushing their teeth, Andrew walked in front of the entertainment center and stood there to brush his teeth. When Ali saw him do that she had to run up beside him and do the same thing. I was very lucky to get a picture.
Yesterday Andrew was laying on the floor watching a movie. It was really cute to watch Ali lay beside him to watch the movie. I know she just wanted to do what he was doing because she isn't usually interested in watching movies.
Today Ali came up to Andrew and said "big hugs." They gave each other a hug and Andrew even put his head on her shoulder. It was soooooooo cute. They also gave each other kisses, but my picture of that isn't as good.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


When we got back from Texas I noticed that the kids were going around the house saying "yee-haw." I didn't remember hearing that when we were visiting my family. I'm sure that they heard y'all a whole lot, but no one ever says "yee-haw." I finally figured out the other day were they heard it. My friend let us borrow a Thomas the Tank Engine movie for the trip to Texas and one of the characters in the movie says "yee-haw." I was hoping they just made the word up because they miss Texas so bad.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Year-End Review

We have done a lot these past few weeks. We drove to Texas to see the Stegall Clan for Christmas. I was prepared for a long trip with two 2 year olds, but they did really well. They only got out of the van when we ate. The weather was good, too. We were afraid that is might snow while we were traveling. The weather in Texas was great. We even got to wear short sleeve shirts for a few of the days.

We had a lot of fun getting to see everyone. The kids had fun staying at Nana and Papa's house. Everytime we wanted Andrew to take a bath or get his diaper changed he would say, "I wanna go see Papa." This the first Christmas that the kids could open their own gifts and get more excited about their toys. It was so much fun on Christmas morning to watch them open their gifts. We got to go to a place called Texas Pizza while we there. There was a huge play area.

Ali and Cousin Madison riding the horses

Andrew liked playing Crazy Taxi with Daddy

Stacy (sister in law), Brittney (sister), Whitney (sister), Ashley, Korie (sister in law), Mom

Cory (brother in law), Ken (brother), Ronnie (brother), Baby Luke, Dad, and Stephen

Andrew and Ali with their cousins

Christmas Morning- Andrew loved his race track

Ali had to take her PJ's off right away to put on the boots that Yaya got her.

Ali and Andrew on Christmas morning.

Ali also had a birthday while we were gone. She got to have a combined birthday party with her cousin Jake that is 2 weeks older than her.

Jake and Ali's cake. They had fun eating their cake.Cousin Reagan helping Ali open her gifts.

Ali's 2 year Check-up

The only reason I mention her check-up is because of what Andrew said while we were there. Ali's was crying because she didn't want to be weighed, and Andrew said, "Ali, it's okay." He kept saying it over and over. I thought that was really sweet. She weighed 21 lbs. 5 oz. and she is 33 inches long.