Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mizzou and the Zoo

On Monday Stephen accepted admission to go the the University of Missouri in Columbia. He will be pursuing his PhD in Marketing. We are very excited! We will only be 10 hours from Tyler now. Compared to the 24 hours it takes to get to Tyler now it sounds like a breeze. I have wanted to get closer to my family because both of my parents are not in good health. Before we accepted an offer from Missouri we took a road trip there as a family. I wanted to see what the town was like first before we said we were coming. The town is about 100,000 people, and you don't have to commute which is a huge plus. Anywhere we live in the city, Stephen will be able to get to school in about 15 minutes. Right now we live close to an hour away from Stephen's work. On our way down to Missouri we got to see Stephen's Uncle Bill and Aunt Ivonne. It was great to see them. They were so nice to let us stay there a night with 2 toddlers. We will be about 2 hours from them when we move.

We also went to the zoo a few weeks ago. It was a lot of fun. I love that the kids can tell me all the animals this year. When we ask them what a giraffe has, they say a long neck. When we ask what does an elephant have, they say a long nose. We didn't even use the stroller. They held our hands the whole time. Of course, we had to threaten them that we would have to leave if they didn't hold our hands. They are getting so big. Andrew is going to be 3 on the 13th, and I can't believe it.

I will post pictures later.